That’s the question we ask ourselves every
step of the way to protect our clients.


At SBA Loan Documentation Services, LLC, we are well versed in the intricacies of small business lending. Our team has over 60 years of United States Small Business Administration related experience, ranging from the preparation of front-end loan documentation, various servicing actions as well as back-end liquidations. We fully understand the nuances of government guaranteed lending and the corresponding SBA’s Standard Operating Procedures.

SBA Loan Documentation Services, LLC is uniquely positioned to address our clients’ documentation needs. Our staff is comprised of seasoned loan closers from large volume SBA related financial institutions as well as veteran attorneys with vast SBA lending experience. Thus, we approach each loan we document from a lender’s perspective which is supported by a top notch legal team.

Our clients know that a critical function of SBA lending is risk management. Managing risks starts at the very beginning of the loan approval process with solid underwriting and enforceable loan documentation that conforms to the SBA’s loan authorization and the SBA’s SOP. Moreover, we view each phase of the loan documentation process through the lenses of “will the government guaranty be viable after default?”

By approaching our documentation strategy from this vantage point we are constantly reminded of the need to draft a lender’s loan documents such that the answer to this question results in the ability to recover all borrower pledged collateral and avoid an SBA repair or denial scenario.

SBA Loan Documentation Services, LLC provides a holistic and sequenced approach to the preparation of loan documentation under the SBA’s 7(a) program. Our SBA centric loan documentation software provides consistent and reliable documentation. Whether lenders request standard terms or customized language in their loan documentation, we have the ability to create a systematic and dependable process that is not only efficient but tailored to each client’s particular needs and preferences.

A Complete Loan Documentation Solution


SBA Loan Documentation Services, LLC has a broad client base ranging from small community banks to national financial institutions. We are familiar with a wide variety of those industries where SBA loans are often made and our team has worked in virtually every jurisdiction in the United States on SBA related matters. Whether a lender is working with a small start-up or an existing company that needs capital, we are able to provide efficient and reliable loan documentation support across the country. We are a preferred vendor to several highly regarded loan service providers with bank clients located throughout the country. Our clients rely on our ability to service their clients’ needs in a detailed and hyper-responsive fashion.

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